Kroger Overview

Kroger is our singular focus.

We’ve been selling consumer products to Kroger since 1987.

Superior Kroger Experience

Superior Kroger Experience

We have been deeply connected to Kroger for over 30 years. Our extensive knowledge of the world’s largest grocery chain is a strength that sets us apart. Our insight into what drives growth at Kroger will drive growth for your brand, too.

We offer services that position your brand for growth.
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Why do we focus on Kroger?

Our founder developed Feldkamp Marketing after a successful 24 year career with Kroger. His deep understanding of Kroger’s ethos built the company into a premier consumer products agency, and today’s Feldkamp team continues to bring decades of Kroger expertise to our clients. This extensive knowledge of the world’s largest grocery chain is a strength that sets us apart, and one of the reasons we focus solely on Kroger.

Our new Innovation Center, just blocks from Kroger's downtown Cincinnati GO, is an invaluable resource and demonstrates our commitment to a Kroger-focused approach. We believe our singular aim and unique breadth of experience will position our clients for success within the Kroger space.

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11 million visitors to
Kroger stores everyday

Over $10 billion in
e-commerce sales

#1 natural and organics retailer in the US

493 million meals
donated through 100
food bank partners

2,750 supermarkets &

Our Distributors

Feldkamp partners with the top distributors that support all Kroger categories. We actively work with distributors across the US and our team can help you find the best source of distribution for your brands.

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